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This sexual practice is still feared by many women …A little history
The term sodomy comes from the name of the city of Sodom, which according to the Bible, was destroyed by God after its inhabitants had tried to rape the angels of God in refugee Lot, Abraham’s nephew. She subsequently at different times and in particular Ancient Greece between the master and his pupil, who regarded this practice as a way to transmit knowledge.

Today, anal in Japan is limited to a sexual practice still feared by many women and raises questions. The first is perhaps the act itself, which, beyond the fear of the pain it can bring, going for a humiliating act or practice animal. Men fantasize about it because the sphincter exerts more pressure than the vagina on the penis, but no woman should let her win. A love relationship and / or much confidence in his partner are required to try and avoid the painful inconvenience.

At first you have to think to lubricate the anus with a water-based lubricant or silicone, any Vaseline, too greasy abyss condom. And yes, a condom (japanese always use because they don’t take pills), because if sodomy is obviously a mode of reproduction, it does not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Finally, as in all your sexual life, it is considered sodomy as a game between players at practice caring and good faith.

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