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AV Japan >> Japanese idols (pronounced “aidolu” in Japanese, which is written “Aidoru” in romanji and katakana アイドル) is a real phenomenon in the country of the rising sun. Born in 1960 in Japan, the idols are usually young Japanese and Japanese (mostly young women, admittedly) with high profile artistic talents in one or more areas: singing, dancing, game ‘ actor or presenter, or physique. But these do not become idols mediated by chance. Indeed, some talent agencies and production houses conduct hearings during which young people have a chance to be spotted to begin their career idol.
If they have a chance of being selected, they can then take courses to develop their artistic talents: dancing, singing, theater …(Risa Murakami)

The phenomenon reached such proportions that we can now distinguish different types of idols:

Junior idols: Japanese or Japanese youth who began a modeling career thanks to their physical advantage. In general, this is Junior Idols (s) in shashinshû (photo album), magazines, or pubs to represent a product or brand.

Gravure idols: Young Japanese who works as a model for naughty photos (bikini, bikini very short photo panty or sexy cosplay), but also in dress uniforms and martial arts … The list is long, and they are more numerous. However, you should know that Gravure Idol never asks naked. The age of a Japanese gravure idol extends 11 years (Saaya Irie, 2005) to 31 years (Aki Hoshino in 2008).

AV idols: it is an explicit porn film actress or model for adult magazines. Engravings are Idols who dare to cross the stage naked. The idols are so publicized that they sometimes or groups of fans who devote their worship as they practice Wotagei (ヲタ 芸) kind of dance to encourage the idol in question. Japanese type as found on the pages of magazines, or AV Idol Gravure Idol is young, beautiful, thin and terribly sexy. However, if Western countries is the tall blonde bimbo, silicone breast high, we must recognize that there are fundamental differences between the two models. I am amused to get some numbers for many realize.

(maria ozawa)

Av Idol Size. : Japanese stats give the woman an average size of 158cm. For us Westerners, it remains small.
Weight : The Idol weighs an average of 47 kg. Against 55 kg for a mannequin parade in the West.
Measurements: Types of measurements are our idols 88cm, 58cm, 85 cm, quite far from 90/60/90 dummies Caucasian.

Since the dawn of the industry “AV” in the early 1980s, hundreds of AV idols have started each year, with a career average of about one year, and turning about five to ten films. The “AV Idols” in the business have a high general public recognition. The line between “adult” and family entertainment in Japan is not as clear as in some other countries. A celebrity can get into the VA, after having had a career in television. Also, it is not uncommon for a popular AV actress became famous as it is now recognized as having a past in pornography is no longer considered a “corpse in a closet,” it is sometimes even more .

(mei haruka)

The AV, or the market of the “Adult Video” is an important industry in Japan, which would generate 400 billion yen per year. In 1992, 11 were shot AV videos every day. The AV market was estimated at about 30 percent of video rentals in Japan. It was also estimated in 1994 that nearly 14,000 AV videos were made in the country, while only 2500 were U.S. tours. Artists are often are often AV actresses who have not found their place in the conventional cinema or “soaps” on TV. According to Rosemary Iwamura, “they do not seem to videos due to lack of options, but rather as a choice.” The actresses are usually recruited in the districts of Tokyo, such as Roppongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya by agencies that rent then contracted out to specialized production companies. The av production companies are typically charged $ 1.5 million or more for an actress.

(yuuka tsubasa)

The writer of AV (adult video) and writer Tetsuo Kokko says: “It goes without saying that the popularity of the actress determines the level of income. An actress who belongs to a production house gets a job a month which means it will work 2-3 day for a film. These days, it is difficult to find a girl whose salary exceeds one million yen / month. (€ 9,275 / month) Types of actors who do not know the crisis are those independent or those who specialize in issues of a particular kind. Tetsuo Kokko adds: These particular films can lead to an annual income of more than 100 million yen per year (€ 927,557 / year) . The shoot usually lasts a day so this is the best way to earn money. However, the hours are longer and the content requires a better quality of service. It takes a lot of energy and usually only one or two per year actresses reach this kind of salary. For those in house production, it is different. Working hours are shorter and they can win only 20 000 to 100 000 yen / session (€ 185 ~ € 927). Most actresses are in this case. The magazine estimates that there are not many actresses porn movies earning the money they want. Most often, they are forced to take a side job as a stripper or hostess for example. Previously, the common objective of these actresses were to become an actress in theater and television, but this is no longer the case today. With the exception of Ai Iijima, most of the actresses who dreamed of becoming TV personalities are deprived of this opportunity. Of course, this can partly be attributed to these actresses who do not have the talent. Some of them, such as Yuri Komuro and Hitomi Shiroishi, which are already in television began to realize it. They could then become authors or enter the world of music. ‘
Ai Iijima * was X film actress who later launched the music under the name Mitsuko Ishii. In 2000, she published an autobiographical novel, Platonic Sex, who knows a success in Japan. Since then, she became a television personality influential Japanese.

(suzuka ishikawa)

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