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Like any Japanese industry, the Japanese av industry goes wrong. And it is not because of the rise in the yen! No, the industry is a real social crisis linked to tensions on the labor market.

The Japanese av stars complain effect of competition amateur productions. According to the website Gentiside.com, the figures speak for themselves. In Japan, one woman in 200 has already turned into a pornographic movie amateur (the number of AV produced each year is around 35 000, about a hundred a day. There are between 2,000 and 3,000 new girls every year, for a total of approximately 150,000 who participated in a Japanese AV !!! Japan’s population is made up of 30 million women between 19 and 55 years, this gives 200 Japanese in this age group, or 0.5% of the population). So The market is flooded erotic video content, drowning large production houses. Consequential damages, actresses undergo the professional law of supply and demand and their salaries are plummeting. As a result, they are more likely to accumulate jobs. It is not uncommon to find a Japanese av star play strippers to make ends meet. So Becoming AV Actress is considered a positive impact in the life of a woman. These women are proud to contribute to the recovery of Japanese society.

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Actresses therefore seek to differentiate themselves by specializing in specific genres or much more ambitious productions. But these productions are rare and restricted to some kind of great celebrities. X Japanese market is currently split between two side with blockbusters, and the other, the amateur film filmed handheld camera and low resolution broadcast on the internet. An economic model that can be found in other industrial sectors where the dichotomy is increasingly strong between “premium” and low-cost. Japanese adult video is much more advanced in this way that its international competitors, thanks to the rich history of erotic art in the country. The famous engravings of Shunga (erotic art) have long been appreciated by all classes of society, and reveal the sexual liberalism of the society of the time. The first photographs have also illustrated scenes naughty, but acceptance of gender was questioned by the waves of “moralization Western” suffered by the country in the late nineteenth and exit the Second World War. Erotic or pornographic production, however, has never really stopped, and knows a renaissance since the late 70s. The industry has grown to become a global leader in the industry and has evolved into being very attentive to the wishes of the public. The “Japporn” plays on the modes but also on technology: legend has it that the DVD (such as DVD) will be imposed by the famous AV (adult video).

The dream of the fisherman’s wife, Shunga famous engraving of 1814 by the famous artist Hokusai …
Surprising, therefore, that the area is not enclosed in the taboo that we know in the West. In Japan, we’re not talking porn family, but we sometimes read in the subway, and bought his mini-market. Beyond signs and advertisements abundant often surprised tourists, pornography can claim a place in the Japanese cultural landscape.

Maria Ozawa, Saori Tsuchiya Sola Aoi or have fans across the country. These “AV Idols” receive prizes on live television performance in “Pink Movies” and their success transcends borders. Japan can be proud of its export videos hard in all of Asia, including China in a very pornophobe or even no less allergic to North Korea.

In their country, av stars “Made in Japan” often provide promoting video games or car and take greater roles in films and dressed TV series. Exchanges are in both directions, as some actresses “conventional” or old models like Minako Komukai jump the fence when their careers cup. It must be said that success in porn can provide retirement gold industry produces 6 times more movies than the rest of Japanese cinema.

On social networks and in some media generalists, AV Idols are followed. As all the celebrities they give their opinions on many subjects, and sometimes they organize fundraisers for charities.

A reputation that allows the most famous actresses out through the front door of a difficult profession to take several years. After a 2-year career that made him succeed, Ai Lijima has been for almost 15 years a celebrity on the small screen, but most of the audience knew his past porn star.

Please do not believe that porn has a respectable reputation: when the same Ai Lijima was found dead in his apartment in September 2008, her past resurfaces … as the poor image of the industry. Social networks then swarm of rumors about the cause of his death, mixing stories of drugs, crime and sexually transmitted diseases.

Popular but marginal

Because if the Japanese corporation does not as prohibition in the West, it is still a gap between the porn industry and the “mainstream”. Long time, “Japporn” was linked to the mafia, and traditions die hard. Production houses are known to launder dirty money, and industry pundits to have a criminal history charged.

Today, businessmen are the bosses of the relay at the head of large companies in the sector. They communicate their financial strategy and displayed at meetings in suit and tie rather than sets. The goal? Change picture for new investors and conquer new markets.

Kabukicho, a neighborhood “hot” Tokyo where tamp hostess bars and sex shops … But the obstacles are many and difficult to overcome. Porn is often accused of being an obstacle to the fight against sexually transmitted infections. Although some actors mobilize for advocacy on the screen, reports are rarely protected and propagated the idea that the woman has no say in the matter. In Japan as in the importing countries, the contents are also attacked for the messages they convey. Japanese porn is known for exploring themes and tastes: rape scenes are not uncommon, allusions to pedophilia, incest or violence either.

The biggest black dot in the image of the industry is undoubtedly its links with prostitution. Here too, Japan is an exception, closing their eyes to the practices of hostess bars, the soaplands, and other deri huru Fuzoku. Both media are more than nearby brothels use of pornographic products to advertise, and the number of video which are exchanged in trade show amateurs who use the services of professionals.

These are sometimes minor engaged in this profession by financial obligation. They rotate video chain, without any legal protection, and juggle porn and prostitution of premiums or want a good employer.

Behind the few stars of AV, the mage more smooth, thus hiding the huge business of “entertainment.” A director interviewed by Shukan Post does not hide the existence of these links, and returned to his statistics. 23,000 places for adults reported in the country and, according to him, 450 000 workers in the sex industry at large … Nippon on an 65.

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