Lady Snowblood (1973)

lady snowblood

Original title : Shurayukihime ( 修羅雪姫)

Director : Toshiya Fujita

Main Cast : Meiko Kaji, Toshio Kurosawa, Masaaki Daimon

Company : Toho

Cultissim Kazuo Koike's manga adapted by Toshiya Fujita. The real start of meiko kaji legend. Highly poetic work , lyrical, romanticized and even kitsch "Lady Snowblood" immerses us in japan late nineteenth or the beginning of the Meiji era. We followed the fate of Yuki a young woman driven by the desire to avenge his mother who has been raped and tortured for days by a band of bandits twenty years earlier. Adapted from the eponymous manga ( in its original version Shurayuki hime : Princess Snow Havoc ) the film will arise as a vengeful fresco bloody but always sublime. By repeating the well-known (and many Asian) vengeance weapons death and honor theme the director impose the task of giving its staging something for him to stand out without breaking the codes associated with this type . And the least we can say is that the bet is successful. A sublime soundtrack (the opening that sees Yuki kill a whole group of men in the snow with the background / at the end of stage scene the sublime song "Flower of Carnage" sung by the actress herself remained in the memories of all). The film will be strewn with corpses and cult scenes tour left by actress / singer Meiko Kaji a particularly well chosen woman. Sublime piercing eyes pale complexion a prominent voice and simply cult figure which takes the epitome of charisma expressing perfectly his whole state of duality psychology through the fury. The film is divided into four chapters, thus fragmenting the journey of the heroine in as revenge to gratify enhancing the appearance ' manga live' without denying the cinematic style . A style that far from being content with the achievements of the genre, for once found some inspiration from across the globe, in the cinema of Sergio Leone - also already inspired himself partially of Asian cinema. We find indeed close ups close to the extreme capturing a look an expression or a detail on an epic soundtrack or simply a heavy silence enhancing the beauty of a scene. Still, this is indeed a must that "Lady Snowblood" a pure jewel Asian seventies work (as we remember so well the hair style of the heroine 's sidekick on the last part of the film ... ) which must be (re) known .

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