Chambara. The term refers to the Japanese genre of the battle of swords, whose scientific name is Ken, Geki. Chambara, more prosaically, is the result of the contraction-chan chan bara-bara, or the sound of the blade cutting flesh. It is a kind ultra-coded which has its motives and figures standards. The character is the typical Chambara samurai or ronin, version marginal lone cowboy way of the samurai, the latter belonging more to a hierarchy according to the code of Bushido. The Chambara staged fights the particular rhythm, playing on the installation and break, against-time and execution speed of a saber. Reason indispensable, genre must overflow of blood to overflow. Graphic violence through gushing streams of hemoglobin with poor strength of dismembered bodies. If a Kill Bill requires 500 liters of red juice to moisten the tray, Akira Kurosawa, four decades ago, already gave a wetting unprecedented Sanjuro (1962), illustrating this through the metaphor of life with violence leaving the body same time as the blood ejected from its arteries. Each geyser of blood awakens a being extinguished.

Lady Snowblood (1973)

lady snowblood

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