Le yakuza eiga or The Jitsuroku eiga sees the moral code yakuza burst. There is neither good nor bad yakuza, but power-hungry men. Like a bunch of wild wolves ruthless. In the classical perspective (ninkyo eiga), it represents the pinnacle of the mentality of “bad” individualism. This is the world of “realism”, “the real” where human violence appears without complex through stories based on real events. Here, the moral compass completely exploded. There is no more marker at both the yakuza world, at the level of society. In this chaotic state, men no longer trying to find the right line between good and evil, they are to successfully survive by any means. In Jitsuroku eiga, the question is how men can exist in a chaotic society-modern.

Sochiyo no kubi (1979)

Sochiyo no kubi

Battles Without Honor and Humanity pt.1 (1973)

Battles Without Honor and Humanity