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Japanese AV >> More independent, the Japanese women are trying to break away from the image of their mothers and, more broadly, that of the marriage of his traditional intercourse. So much so that they are more indifferent or reluctant to sex. Japanese society admitting that sex within marriage, the girls were simply rejected any kind of relationship, preferring to focus on their studies, key to their future.
The Japanese have become increasingly passive and women now prefer to be living crunchers crunchers rather than men. They stopped playing and the Amazons of modern times, leaving the male herbivores in control of their video games: “Maybe we become too strong but able to live my life as I hear is what I like “said one of them.

The “herbivores” passive rebellion against the expectations of society

This reluctance sex women certainly find its origin in another recent phenomenon in recent years, Japan was struck by the syndrome of “herbivorous men”. These are mostly young men representing the antithesis of rogue or womanizer: they are passive, preserve their money rather stay locked up rather than going out with colleagues and are generally indifferent to sex.
The survey reveals that the number of men herbivores continues to increase the percentage of sexually active men at the University fell to 60% in 2005 and 54% in 2011, and that of sexually active students in high school dropped from 27% to 15%.
This appears to be a new type of passive rebellion against the expectations of society, against the image of the strong man who takes the lead. “There are still a few years, men had only one lifestyle to follow: their graduation, they were dropping a job, got married and bought a car, they replaced regularly by a new,” says Maki Fukasawa, Japanese journalist who coined the term “herbivores”. Now, with the growing importance of women in Japanese society, “they can not live this’ happiness’ stereotypical ‘.

In addition, a survey conducted by the Japan Association for Sex Education (AJES) revealed that the number of young Japanese women having sex had also dropped dramatically over the past six years. While the percentage of sexually active women at university and high school was up between 1974 and 2005, when the percentage reached a maximum of 60% for university students and 30% for high school students. These figures are then fell to respectively 47% and 24% in 2011. Kazuo Katase, professor at Tohoku University and member of the Research AJES believes these results show that many women are succumbing to the phenomenon of lifestyle “herbivore”.

The indifference to sex serious consequences

Such life choices would have nothing problematic if the Japanese could not cope with a decline in the number of births and low household expenses. Indeed, this indifference to sex, either side of men or women that has serious consequences. “The overall disinterest is being depopulated the country with a growing number of single life, individuals who previously did not exist in Japan, where 95% were married,” recalls the passionate French sociologist Japan, Muriel Jolivet. Brought to cartoons and rejecting the image of the parental couple in love which was not the priority, it may instead be waiting for a soulmate who makes the Japanese so reluctant to engagement in general.

In Japan, there is no religious taboo on sexuality: sex is considered a sacred act, which participates in the divine act. It is by love that the gods created the world. Letting himself be overcome by the desire, carried away by the pleasure, the driving force behind all things on Earth, human beings therefore become equal to the gods. They struggle against the forces of death and destruction. Practices rooted in a religious culture and ultra-sophisticated artistic

Suddenly, the taboos of sexuality are moved to the expression of emotions. “It is the emotion that is transgressive, subversive, erotic. We must have the impassive face as a mask. Japan is a country which imposes a dictatorship of the extreme feelings: we have no right to speak in public. This explains why the Japanese are more excited by the face of a woman by her nakedness. The face of a woman who blushed, quivering, which is invaded by the emotions and sensual love … there is nothing more beautiful, nothing is more horny for a Japanese. The reality is still a thousand times more incredible and astonishing than fiction. I understand a lot of things that we see in manga or erotic prints, for example, why the geisha makeup earlobes white? Why do women have pubic hair carefully combed hair like? Why do they have bean-shaped body (not within, not size)? It is exciting to see that some practices have ancient origins, rooted in religious culture and ultra-sophisticated artistic. When a woman is moved or excited, his ears betray: the lobe becomes red. To hide they have heat, geisha makeup too revealing so this part of their body. They do not normally have the right to have sex with clients.

In Japan, it was the image of a very eroticized sexuality and aesthetic, famous prints with white panties manga through the love hotels … Reflecting the reality? Japan is one of the few countries in the world attach importance to pleasure and all possible ways to enjoy … including the most outlandish. The sex industry is the second largest in the country behind the automotive industry, and billions of yen. The Japanese are not ashamed of entertainment in clubs and buy gadgets incredible. All that is exciting, challenging and sentimental interested because synonymous with life. But life is fragile in that territory shaken by earthquakes. Japan is the country with the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located on a fault line and has over a thousand earthquakes per year. This probably makes the people very close to these other shocks are those of love … But there is another reason for the sex industry is so exuberant inventiveness there: Japanese religion is based on sexuality . In a country that has escaped the monotheism, the sins of the flesh does not exist. Instead, it is a sexual relationship that begins in any Japanese mythology. In the Kojiki (the equivalent of the Bible Shinto) gods create the world by love. This is the founding document, the sacred act par excellence. Sexuality is thus essential part of the rituals in this country, which raises the rank of ceremony to fight against the powers of death and destruction. In Japan, there is no religious taboo on pleasure and penetration. The taboo is elsewhere.

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