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As you can see, nearly three-quarters of districts boast an average B cup (18 of them) and C (17). The two prefectures where the breasts are larger (E cup Japanese) Kyoto and Gifu in central Japan. The Tokyoites, they, wear a C while their neighbors are less Saitama supplied with their cap A. Nearby, Chiba and Kanagawa fare with a B.

Note that the weight of the women would have a priori no relation in this calculation: the Japanese Tokyo (C), Osaka (D) and Kyoto (E) have a substantially identical rates of obesity (and lower than the national average him even lower than many developed countries), while it is highest in Okinawa, but the average is a C cup

A list of caps for nine prefectures, nearly 20% of Japan: Hiroshima and Okayama, Osaka and Nara, Fukui, Yamanishi, Niigata, and two of the areas most affected by the tsunami of 11 March 2011: Miyagi and Fukushima . I count on you to avoid jokes about the impact of radioactivity on the size of the breasts of Japanese.

The rest of the file on the Japanese question their methods to take care of their breasts. Women in central Japan, where the cups are the deepest, responded to 40% by “breast massage”. The site explains LCLoveCosmetics.jp very seriously, video support, how to go for good massage her breasts and how lotion.

Breast size is probably about complex physical number one Japanese women. No wonder they are interested with much attention, or that we find unusual accessories such as cover cleavage.


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