Japanese criteria for seduction

Japan Sex >> The older generation, that of 40-70 years was higher in the mask and the ideal of modesty. Criteria seduction are: heavy silence implied, eyes diverted, face down, neck bent, fragile … hands hidden under the sleeve of clothing. The woman must give the impression that hidden secrets, sorrows and large it was with courage. The word gaman (endure) is very important. You have to give the feeling that we all bear with patience, without a word, and that we all have within ourselves an incredible reservoir of memories and emotions just waiting to break down the walls … The idea of ​​mystery and beauty bruised dominates this traditional culture, which is particularly erotic pain. Because pain evokes the idea of the flower that falls at the same time it blooms like cherry blossom … For the new generation, of course, this is all in the past. 18-30 years prefer women and men extroverted, talkative, happy, flirting and not afraid of anything. They promote the idea of ​​vitality, extravagance, the bubbling creativity because it is synonymous with karisma (charisma). Must be irradiated. Must express themselves and have fun. Without shame. Without false modesty.

What scares girls: the model of “Daddy”, the domestic tyrant, the macho autism who do not listen and shows no attention. Young Japanese no longer support these men who behave like their father behaved with their mother … In muzzle.