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Japanese AV >> Japanese Av girls, Prostitution in Japan, along with traditional networks practiced in most countries of the world, has several characteristics related to its culture. The term geisha generally misunderstood in the West, is not synonymous with prostitute. We note the existence in Japan of parallel networks or informal, practically absent in other westernized societies, prostitution of japanese young girls (like mei haruka) and teenage school.

A significant part of Japanese students (students, high school and college girls, especially among kogaru) are brought into prostitution occasionally, either voluntarily or in response to requests from men who approach them. According to a report by the National Police Agency in 1996, “one third of cases of known prostitution involving adolescents. (…) About a quarter of Japanese students between 12 and 15 years have participated in telephone conversations roses. Conversations are provided at fixed dates in advance and are usually subject to a prior agreement for a particular sexual service at fixed price. ‘

This differs from typical Japanese prostitution “classic” by the supposed motivations of girls (suzuka ishikawa upside) involved: rather than a stable source of money is an occasional source of pocket money or extra would be referred, often stigmatized by the desire to buy branded products.

The relationships between these girls with men who pay are sometimes called “supportive relationships” (Enjo Kosai) in Japanese, which raises criticism against the status quo with regard to entrenu phenomenon, as in the writer Ryu Murakami. The low media coverage of the phenomenon considered as a problem in Japanese society makes its analysis more difficult abroad.

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