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Submissive women, tyrannical husbands and studious children : thus appears the Japanese family in the eyes of many Westerners.
Clichés die hard, but the reality is more nuanced. Inequalities between men and women in the family are indeed very numerous, but it is improving.
In Japan, there are only two possible life choices for mature women: either they marry and take care of the home, or they remain unmarried and work (& do av video).

The expression ryosai Kembo is still present today, influencing the way young women see their destiny, their role and the importance given to marriage: the idea that the woman becomes an adult by marriage, still present, from the principles applied in the principle of ryosai kembo. In fact, we understand the importance for a woman to be married when you know how it is shameful for a woman to be “old maid”, more than being hostess bar for example. As it is written by Dominique Buisson Glance Japanese woman: “The old girl is still considered inferior by married women and men. Only bar hostesses do not suffer this curse. Can despise them for their profession but not for their celibacy. Are considered to have voluntarily chosen this state “. The ryosai Kembo has a domestic role only. His life is clearly separate from that of her husband. When he comes home from work, his wife is welcome, but this one, if it comes out after work, go for a drink with colleagues, never with his wife. Unlike the western housewife 1950-1960, the Japanese wife is not a hostess. Social events are only on the outside, without femme. The role of hostess indeed belongs to the geisha or hostesses in bars (japanese mature sex), the latter being clearly separated from the respectable épouse. When the woman leaves home, her activities are those related to home: parent meetings between students, courses, associations of consumers, etc..

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The home is the kingdom of the mature japanese woman, she has a large fiscal autonomy, she regularly awards a sum of money weekly to her husband, she manages the costs of raising children, etc.. But it remains financially dependent husband, because it was he who reported a salary for the family. Conversely, the husband is dependent on his wife, who mothering. Japan, marriage is not a romantic affair, the relationship between the couple is very different from that of the Western husband. In fact, Japanese women complain West, the latter being emotionally dependent vis-à-vis their husbands. They always try to please them, to be loved: whereas early Japanese accept his role and does not necessarily expect a passionate marriage, but rather a mutual agreement for the good of the family. Similarly, the criteria that the woman has previously studied before choosing her husband are the following: social security, respectable family, health, future professional position

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Mature Women, despite its appearance subject, actually runs family. It controls the future education of his children. The relationship of the mother with the children often develops in these complexes, especially son, which will have the gratitude and guilt-the mother was sacrificed for her children, and never failing to know. This is why women with their son wait a behavior similar to that of their mother, this vicious circle explains why Japan feminist revolutions were too long to develop and implement on a daily basis, the tradition is deeply rooted in moeurs. The purpose of life ryosai Kembo is to marry his daughter and his son had a good job. This race for success explains why the phenomenon of Kyoiku mama makes its appearance in the 1950s. Good jobs in big companies are difficult to obtain, and the ultimate objective of the mother for her son, the school quickly became a hotbed of competition. The mother then took a full-fledged educational role, already present in his role ryosai Kembo, but even more important and excessive when it becomes a Kyoiku mama, meaning “mother education.” Indeed, the latter seeks success at any cost of his children, especially his son. This heavy responsibility for the success of his son weighing on the shoulders of the mother, we understand why Japan has a wife who works long been considered a woman leaving her role as mother education, leaving her children to fend for themselves, and therefore a bad mother. This explains that the labor market has been closed for many years for women.

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The “wise mother” knows that good schools are key to the success of his enfant.61 (*) It is in this frantic evening classes, additional classes of high level for children, in addition to their regular schooling , the mother becomes a true Kyoiku mama, flourishing by proxy, through the professional success of her children, especially the son, so it is on the lookout for the best courses in juku, specialized schools allow for accelerated learning, and therefore to be the best student possible promising future academic child .62 (*)

As explained in NILSY Desaint Death of father and role of women in Japan: “The Kyoiku mama, it is the mother who, without asking for anything in his children, takes care of everything to liberate them from the could hinder their education and therefore their success, “.

Today, the model ryosai Kembo is shrinking. Women are not only at home, they go out, work, daily life today is more like everyday man, the separation of male and female spheres is less pronounced.

Witnesses of that era where marriage is an important issue for the future of women, and to choose rightly, without passion, nowadays marriages are not always a love affair as in Western countries. When the couple is having problems, it can not be separated for the sake of the family. Married women increasingly away from the ideal of the “good wife”. As noted by the Japanese psychiatrist Takahashi Tôru cited in Homo Japonicus “Seen from the outside, they do have a husband who earns a lot of money that they are free to spend as they see fit (…), but all these employees are women only “and” women whose husbands cheat on a career out of spite. They do everything they can to bring their son to the University of Tokyo, they are seeking a palliative in extramarital affairs. This is the end of a century, an era, the degeneration of morals.

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