KabukiCho : Red Light District in Tokyo

JAP AV >> Getting there is simple just take the same output as the Studio Alta and go straight, you can not miss the huge lantern light. First of all you should know that the concept of “dangerous” is very relative to Japan and Tokyo, if you have the habit of European cities, you wander Kabukicho is no more dangerous than going to the center commercial corner. One of the few advantages of being a gaijin when we walk in Shinjuku is avoid being tackle every 3 meters by scouts who try to take you in their Isakaya. These guys are very numerous and particularly Uzai but often they do not speak English and are not interested in the gaijin tourist potential. Once back in Kabukicho is the opposite, you’re gaijin tourist = frica. You will therefore have scouts, Yakuza, burly Africans who will ask you for the time you go for a drink or kiss their clubs.

Scouts and Yakuza in general are not very pushy but Africans are particularly troublesome. Often more cunning classic “I only speak French sorry” does not work with them because most countries from Francophone Africans answer you in French and it will only worsen the situation. They are often Nigerian and Senegalese. They will do everything to make you go into their club Hip Hop, to tell you that you can get for free, it offers you the first beer and if you do not like it you can always leave.

Regarding clubs or escort ass, I would recommend very clearly not to go without a little checker on the internet before the reputation of the place or recommend be done by someone. As Pigalle, Kabukicho there are also many bars which are only held by the Yakuza facades designed to rob you. Basically you returned you drink a glass when you go out you are asked to pay 18.000 yen! And if you ever wonder how it is that it is too expensive, we’ll say it’s because you paid a bottle of champagne with two girls who were sitting next to you. Another reason not to go in this kind of blind club is that you certainly do not find yourself in a gay club to drink something strange and wake up on the sidewalk in the morning so you limping badly ass.

Regarding the hostess clubs is different because there you actually pays for the drinks that person accompany you. Go to a hostess bar is completely useless. Already like the maids are many hostesses Phillipines, Chinese or Koreans because they are physically close enough to the Japanese and they often speak English. So we pass on to the gaijin who often unlike the Japanese do not believe the difference and having to deal with a Japanese. Hostesses do not sleep with their clients and always meet their friends outside of work. More by their high standard of living, they often work and it is very difficult to see outside of their job. If you ever succeed when even a hostess chopper, you’ll be good to take her to fancy restaurants and of course pay the full meal without guarantee of getting anything in return. And if you ever do it quietly remarked that she could pay half of the bill, do not expect to see her again so soon.

Kabukicho red light district tokyo

The sex is outrageously expensive in the image of the city. It will take around 20,000 yen in (a little less if the Chinese) massage for an hour and a half with happy ending does not include fellatio or penetration. Yes because in Japan, it is officially forbidden to pay for vaginal penetration, in Soapland or pink room it is possible to fuck daughter through 40,000 JPY in this case it is possible if “the girl falls in love with you and is willing. ”

Often the price of admission includes nomihodai (unlimited drinks) and is charged half price if you bring a friend with you. So the price is to be near the same as you pay in a classic nightclub after paying the membership card. Some swingers clubs and bars can be very selective or racist if they are not in areas known to be of interest. Some clubs allow you to enter simply other will test if you are able to speak Japanese. What I recommend is do not go alone, it is often better to bring a friend with you Japanese fun and open-minded or just someone who knows the area and can introduce you. It is also possible to meet swingers in some happening bars or couple kissa bars.

There is also the famous “party” swingers, swingers parties generally only open to Japanese are very expensive or harmful to a gaijin who necessarily have a bigger penis than the Japanese and therefore will be frowned upon. That is another story for women gaijin who they can get away not too expensive and no problem against the Japanese. You can find ads for some “party” like this on internet but it will at least be able to speak Japanese on the phone or find someone who can help you introduce. Swingers international festivals or multi racial are often much cheaper and much more fun, we find the same kind of people who go to the bar happening and pair kissa.

Still a fun night with friends Kabukicho is also quite possible, in addition to many kinds of entertainment bowling, cinema and cie, there is also a kind of Golden Gay area inside Kabukicho which is composed of multiple small bars really nice. In general, the area begins to come alive only at around 9:30 / 10:00 pm. By cons I do not recommend to take one of your friends in Kabukicho. On the one hand most are poorly or have undersheet terrified neighborhood and other once inside, glancing over you will be far viellant well.

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