Junko Fuji

Niece of director Norifumi Suzuki, now
married to the kabuki actor Onoe Kikugorō, Sumiko Fuji is one of the greatest japanese actress. She remains famous for her brillant performance in the Red Peony Gambler & Nihon Chivalry Series.
NB : She’s also a big fan of art floral japonais in Paris.

Tales of chivalrous woman pt.1 : Samurai Geisha (1969)


The true story of the Ando Gang pt.2 : Attack (1973)

jitsuroku ando - shugekihen

Cherry Blossom Fire Gang (1972)

Cherry Blossom Fire Gang

Red Peony Gambler pt.4 : Second Generation Ceremony (1969)

Red Peony Gambler Second Generation Ceremony

Red Peony Gambler pt.3 : The Hanafuda Game (1969)

Red Peony Gambler Flower Cards Match

Red Peony Gambler pt.2 : Gamblers Obligation (1968)

Red Peony Gamblers Obligation

Red Peony Gambler, pt. 1(1968)

red peony gambler - lady yakuza