Noboru Ando

Birthdate : 1926
Birthplace : Tokyo

Not really a brillant student, Ando decided to join the army as a pilot (1943). The end of the war kept him from becoming a kamikaze. Back in Tokyo without any money, he formed his own gang : the ando-gumi. In a few years, the business will be expanding from street hustling to clubs, real estate and other legal enterprise. In 1964, after a stretch in prison for ordering a hit on a businessman who had welshed on a loan, Ando dissolved his gang and soon after began a new career as a film actor & script.

The first movies (only a few are available abroad Japan) were mainly based on the Ando Gumi history, as in Tai Kato’s “Sentence to 18 Years” or in the incredible “Ando Noboru no waga tobou to sex no kiroku” (the movie depicts Ando as a fugitive, fuck*** every woman he can during the 35 days before his arrest). He also appeared in several films byKinji Fukasaku, but one of his greatest performance remains in Hideo Gosha’s Violent Streets (Boryoku gai) in 1974.
Noboru Ando’s Dvd on

Secret Information (1969)


The True Story of Ando Gang pt.1 : Yakuza and Feuds (1972)

Yakuza tokoso

Ahendaichi jigokubutai totsugekseyo (1966)

Ahendaichi jigokubutai totsugekseyo

Sochiyo no kubi (1979)

Sochiyo no kubi