Reiko Ike

Birthdate : May 25, 1953
Birthplace : Tokyo

She began at 18 in Norifumi Suzuki’s “Hot Springs Geisha series”. The same year, Ike recorded the album Kôkotsu no Sekai for Teichiku Records . Between 1971 and 1974, Ike starred in five of Toei’s Sukeban serie films and four in the Terrifying Girl high School serie. The real Icon of the pink eiga.

Reiko Ike’s Movies on

Terrifying Girls’ High School pt.3 : Delinquent Group (1973)

Terrifying Girls High School  Delinquent Group

Girl Boss Blues pt.6 : Tie Man Match (1974)

Girl Boss Blues 6 - Tie Man Match

Terrifying Girls’ High School pt.2 : Lynch Law Classroom (1973)

Terrifying Girls High School - Lynchlaw Classroom

Terrifying Girls High School pt.1 : Women's Violent Classroom (1972)

Terrifying Girls High School Womens Violent Classroom

Graveyard of Honor (1975)

graveyard of honor

Girl Boss Blues pt.4 : Sukeban (1973)

Girl Boss Blues 4

Girl Boss Blues pt.3 : Guerilla (1972)

girl boss gerilla