Tomisaburo Wakayama

Real Name : Masaru Okumura
Birthdate: (1929 – April 2, 1992)
Birthplace: Fukagawa, Tokyo

Trivia : Older brother of Shintaro Katsu. He’s one of the most talented actor of this golden period. His most famous performance remains the cultissim Ogami Itto in the series Lone Wolf Cub, Baby cart.

Tales of chivalrous woman pt.1 : Samurai Geisha (1969)


The path of the king (1971)

The Path of the King

Cherry Blossom Fire Gang (1972)

Cherry Blossom Fire Gang

Lone Wolf Cub pt.6 : Go to Hell, Daigoro (1974)

Baby Cart - Go to Hell Daigoro

A Boss with the Samurai Spirit (1971)

A Boss with the Samurai Spirit

Escaped Murderer from Hiroshima Prison (1974)

New Battles Without Honor and Humanity pt.1

new battle without honor