Violent street (1974)

violent street

Original title : Boryôku gai (暴力街)

Director : Hideo Gosha

Main Cast : Noboru Ando, bunta sugawara, Akira Kobayashi

Company : Toei

Directed by Hideo Gosha between "Bandits against Samurai" (1978) and The Wolves (1971), Gosha realized "Yakuza Violent Street" in 1974, which includes a fantastic cast, to satisfy the audience of the time and even today. So three years after completing "The Wolves", a high quality film , he made here a shoulder cam movie with big zooms in support and natural photography, which gives the "Violent Street" a nice taste of the 70s. The film begins with the frenzied flamenco music and sailing thereafter between Jazz and Swing, which give a very special atmosphere in the bar "Madrid" Egawa held by a former Yakuza interpreted by Ando Noboru. Hideo Gosha gives " Violent Street", the special atmosphere by the use of several elements used by the kidnappers, models, chickens, puddles impregnated with fresh blood, a lot of small things that will please the fans of the genre. The scenario undeveloped, classic and hard to take off. The film sometimes resembles an operating even if Gosha is behind the camera. Indeed , there are some scenes of the genre, like the scene between a woman and a transsexual trying to simulate a love scene in multicolored lights but without sound or loves those scenes come Egawa and waitress bar. Side of interpretation, it is good . Found Ando Noboru away his demons former Yakuza who plays a man who does not want to return to his life of Yakuza . An all-star cast rather convincing. Fortunately the last five minutes of the film are crucial . An almost perfect ending , which allows "violent street" to go from a simple film Yakuza film to a great interest. A scene that reflects the friendship between Yakuza , but also attempt to deal with collective strengths but ultimately end up getting the film its full identity. A friendship scene mixed with an action scene of rare violence in a well controlled idle. In conclusion, "Violent Street" is not the best Hideo Gosha , but does have that little something that makes a reference for fans of the genre . Yakuza film of a generation a different film of the caliber of Fukasaku but no less interesting.

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